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The summer was hot and dry, which allowed the temperatures to ramp up significantly during the day. What is the only place in BC to be drop freezing in the morning, but rise above 30°C/86°F the same day?

The winter of 2017 was one of the coldest in BC since the 1980s. Despite the cold, these four places had the warmest afternoon temperatures in the BC interior in January, but which location was the only one to achieve an average daily maximum temperature above freezing during this month?

What caused the bulk of British Columbia's fire activity in 2017?

Which summer was the hottest on record in British Columba?

Which statement is NOT true?

With under 3,000 hectares burned province-wide, this was the least active fire season on record.

Which statement about the Okanagan was NOT true in 2017?

At over 520,000 hectares, this is the largest fire ever recorded in BC.

What percentage of the Chilcotin Plateau burned in 2017?

Which statement about the 2017 fire season is FALSE?

This town was never the provincial hot spot in July of 2017.

This town was the provincial daily hot spot in 18 days in July (the next highest on the list was 5).

The smoke greatly reduced visibility for long periods of time in 2017. The previous record for number of hours with visibility under 10km in Kamloops was 87 hours (set in 2010). How many hours did this city record in 2017?

The air quality index gives a scale of 1 to 3 for low health risk, 4-6 for moderate, 7-10 for high, and 11+ for very high risk. The poor air quality peaked in Kamloops on August 3rd, 2017. How high did the rating reach that day?

Which town was NOT evacuated in 2017 due to forest fire?

How did the 2017 wildfires impact BC's carbon emissions?

Which lake did NOT set the all time record high level in 2017?

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